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100% vegetable-based lubricants biodegradable


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Devon Chemical®

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Environmental Health

Environmental Health

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Presentation and History

Alvagar group, as a company founded in 1993 under the name Alvagar & Peal SL is devoted primarily to the production and marketing of special products for maintenance by all sectors of the Spanish territory (Automotive, Industrial, Construction and reforms, Hospitality and communities, Installers, Food Industry, Agricultural Industry, Marine and Marine Works public Metallurgical Industry, Electricity and Electronics) always providing our expertise, advice and continuous training in all our business divisions.

Quality Policy

Alvagar BVQi group is certified and accredited by ENAC and UKAS with the “ISO 9001-2000″.

All our products are manufactured and tested following the processes of care and stringent quality control, with the sole purpose of inspiring confidence and especially solutions to all our customers who of course are our greatest asset.

The group with your company Alvagar Alvagar & Peal SL is enrolled in R.O.E.S.B. (Official Register of Establishments and Services Biocides) covering the different regions. Registered No. 0570-CV in this way, with our environmental health division and authorized and qualified staff can work in the prevention of Legionnaires’ disease and other types of disinfection and pest control.

Definitely: “YOU CAN TRUST U.S.. “

Customization of products and brands

  • Label design as
  • Amounts appropiate to their needs
  • Excellent economic conditions

Advice and continuous training

  • With our customers and distributors a permanent …

Certificates, Approvals and Registrations

Activity by Sector

We have a wide range of automotive lubricants, additives, chemicals for cleaning, internal treatments , adhesives, tools, etc...

We are truly specialists in marketing of technical products for maintenance, with maximum high product quality

With our construction division we meet all the needs of this sector, Waterproofing, waterproofing, general cleaning, special mortars, paints a very special surface treatments, etc..

With our environmental health division have an excellent range of products and services to this sector, cleaning and hygiene, disinfection and deodorization, etc..

We have a wide variety of products for installation of gas and air conditioning as well as for the guild sanitation and plumbing (Chemicals, welding, etc.)

We provide a wide range of industrial products alimentaire with HA records, FDA, UDA, H1 , etc. in chemicals, lubricants, aerosols, etc...

With our brand Ultralube ® distribute exclusively for Spain 100% biodegradable lubricants plant with 4 times performance in order to collaborate and contribute our part to care for the environment.

We have a wide range of products to meet the needs of this sector. As for the care and maintenance (lubricants, chemicals, adhesives, etc.)

Specific products for all types of cleaning and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment

In our division of welding, adhesives and abrasives cover and meet most of the needs of this sector.